Proving Grounds Submission Only Tournament

"There is no losing in Jiu-Jitsu. You either win or you learn" - Master Carlos Gracie 

We recently had the pleasure of attending the Proving Grounds Submission Only Tournament at Green River College on Saturday, February 3rd. Gracie Barra Kirkland as a team has regularly been attending and competing at this tournament for a few years now not only because of it's round robin format, but also because the tournament is organized and ran with professionalism and efficiency. A submission only tournament always presents the spectator with the potential of watching faced paced matches as competitors battle to win by submission against one another. Unlike IBJJF tournaments, points by position are not a factor. 

We had a total of 11 competitors (5 Adults, 6 Kids) who battled in both the Gi and No-Gi divisions. All our competitors showed amazing technique, perseverance, and heart as they showcased their Jiu-Jitsu to all those who attended this event. Most of all, our students displayed a deep respect and civility towards their opponents in every match that took place. After all, our students aren't competing against the person across from them, they are out there to better themselves and their Jiu-jitsu; they compete to learn, re-work their technique, and grow as a person and as a practitioner of Jiu-Jitsu. 

We not only had an amazing group who competed, but we had a solid group of students from Gracie Barra Kirkland who all came out to show their support. We outnumbered spectator wise every other school that attended, hands down. This is proof of how tightly knit this school is, and how it always will be as we continue to grow and welcome new members to the team. We want to thank all our students who competed, you all are an inspiration! And thank you to all our teammates who came out and watched their friends compete.

The Revolution is the next tournament on the horizon, we will be ready!